Discounted ALA Walt Disney World Park Tickets: Revised June 16

Note: Disney has now put together a website and one-page flyer for all you ALA attendees that are interested in purchasing discounted convention tickets for use during your time in Orlando.  See the website for more information and to purchase your tickets online!!  Please forward to colleagues/friends who you think will be interested.  Leave a comment or contact me directly  if you have any questions about visiting the theme parks.



Back in March, Disney raised the prices of Walt Disney World theme park tickets (this happens every year…not a surprise). At that time, they also changed the ticketing options for discounted conference tickets. Please ignore the information posted in my previous blogpost on the topic and use the information below.

A twilight ticket will now allow entry into any of the four theme parks after 3 PM for a single-day.  The pricing for the twilight tickets are:

$85 (Magic Kingdom Park)
$75 (EPCOT, Disney Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom)
$135 (park hopper that provides entry to more than one park in the same day)

Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom are the parks that stay open the latest (11 PM) during the conference so depending on your schedule and interests, these might be the best parks to use for your twilight tickets.  If you are thinking about park-hopping, consider the fact that it will take 25-45 minutes to get from park entrance to park entrance (depending on the parks and transportation).

Disney also makes available non-twilight (all-day) convention tickets which are typically discounted around 5% from the standard rate but they do include a bonus visit to one of the following:

* a water park visit to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon or Disney’s Blizzard Beach (a $60 value)
* a pre-4 PM round of miniature golf at either Disney’s Winter Summerland or Disney’s Fantasia Gardens
* green fees for one round of golf at Disney’s Oak Trail golf course
* one visit to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex

For example, a non-discounted two-day base ticket is $202 while the conference discounted ticket is $193.52 but includes a bonus visit.

To Purchase Your Discounted Tickets…

Call the Disney Preferred Ticket Line Groups Office (407-939-4686, option 3). Tell them you are attending the American Library Association conference at the end of June. If the representative states they don’t have a record for ALA, mention that the conference is off-site at the Orange County Convention Center (different offices handle on-site conferences vs. off-site conferences).

Note that all multi-day tickets expire after 13 days from first use. One-day tickets can be purchased on the day of use, multi-day tickets must be purchased at least one day prior to use.  These tickets are also available for purchase at the headquarter hotels BUT the earlier you purchase your tickets, the earlier you can make fastpass reservations (which results in shorter waits in line at the parks…particularly important when you only have an evening to visit).

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you at ALA! As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about a Walt Disney World visit:

PS. If you found this useful, please share with any friends and colleagues who you think will be attending ALA. I’m trying to get the word out. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Discounted ALA Walt Disney World Park Tickets: Revised June 16

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  2. Thanks for all of the information! Quick question: Do the after 3pm tickets include admission to the “big” Disney park, too? I’ll be bringing my toddler and we want to go on the teacups! 🙂


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