Busy Conference Season

April through June is the busy season for library conferences and so I have been on the road and not setting aside the time to blog about my travels.  Most recently I was in San Francisco, at the end of June and took the opportunity to visit the Walt Disney Family Museum located in the Presidio.  The museum focuses on the life and legacy of Walt Disney including exhibits from his personal collections (including some family photos and home movies).  There are detailed displays of the innovations that Disney brought to animation, to film-making and to the broader family entertainment market (including the mass market development of the theme park).

Disneyland Model at the Disney Family Museum, San Francisco

Disneyland Model at the Disney Family Museum, San Francisco

I’m planning on providing a fuller blog post (with more pictures) about the museum but for now, this picture of a model of Disneyland will have to suffice.  This is not Disneyland as it was at any particular time, but instead the Disneyland that Walt knew and envisioned.  The model includes not only attractions such as Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion (both of which opened after Walt’s death) but also attractions that no longer exist (such as the Monsanto House of the Future and Rainbow Caverns Mine Train).  Basically anything that had Walt’s imprimateur is included in here.

The other activity that is taking my time now is my own agent education.  As a travel agent affiliated with the Signature Travel Network, I am strongly encouraged to complete travel supplier training programs for any services I offer.  The rest of the summer will likely be spent learning more about cruise line operators (specifically those operators serving Alaska, the West Coast and Hawaii itineraries) in addition to getting updates on family vacation destinations (such as Disney, Universal, and SeaWorld).

So here is the first of many sheepskins I expect to earn over the next two months.

Holland America Line Academy Certification

Holland America Line Academy Certification

When I get tired of listening to supplier tutorials and taking online exams, I’ll post something about my most recent trips (including Paris in March and San Francisco in June).  Until then, I’ll leave you with a scan of my favorite postcard that I bought in Paris.  It was part of a delightfully whimsical series of postcards that we found in a little shop in Le Marais.



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