Update: How to Prepare for Health Problems on a Trip Abroad and Disney Land/Sea Vacations

In my day job as a librarian, I regularly attend conferences.  Last week I was at the NASIG conference in Washington, DC.  When I’m at a conference, it’s typically 24/7 with little time to do any sightseeing unless it’s built into the program.  This conference was no exception (although I did manage to get together with friends at two wonderful restaurants: Ambar (a Capitol Hill Serbian restaurant that serves small plates…I always sing at least one line of a Serbian song to the waitress) and Mandalay Restaurant and Cafe (a Silver Spring Burmese restaurant…the ginger noodle salad is the best!).

Unfortunately, when I’m at a conference, my travel consulting tends to slip.  I’ll be there if a client needs something (I provide all clients with my personal cell phone number) but blogging, marketing, training, etc. pretty much stop until I’m back in Seattle.  So I don’t have much to report in this post.  But I did run across a Wall Street Journal article that provides some very good information about How to Prepare for Health Problems on a Trip Abroad. Basically, get a physical before you leave, review your health insurance coverage and make sure you have adequate travel insurance just in case that “freak event” happens, and be informed about any health and security risks in areas you’ll be traveling.

And for your Disney folks, the Disney Parks Blog recently blogged about the combining a land and sea vacation with Disney Cruise Line.  We did this a couple year’s ago for Rick’s 60th birthday and had a great time!  If you’re unsure about cruising, it’s a great opportunity to check out cruising by combining a short (3-4 day) cruise with a traditional Disney vacation.  Port Canaveral is only a 60-minute drive from Walt Disney World and Disney does everything they can to make it a seamless, enjoyable vacation.

Thanks for listening!


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