Disney Update: Disneyland Diamond Celebration

Being relatively new to the travel industry, I still enjoy the supplier updates that are regularly held in the Puget Sound area.  Of course, I always look forward to the Disney updates and the Disneyland Diamond Celebration update was no exception to that.

The April 21st update at the HIlton Bellevue was focused on the upcoming 60th anniversary of the park “that Walt built.”  As most of these things happen, the evening started with drinks and appetizers which led to dinner (quite nice I might add…no rubber chicken here!).  While dinner was being served, large displays played a loop of historic Disneyland footage including clips from the infamous opening day (“Black Friday”) as well as clips from various attractions (many long gone including the Skyway, America Sings, the PeopleMover) and celebrations: Snow White doing the twist was particularly amusing and the bubble-headed parade figures from the Bicentennial Parade were just plain scary!  Several of us at our table were reminiscing about how things used to be when we were children (when E-Ticket didn’t mean an electronic ticket and there were real live mermaids in the Submarine Lagoon).

Towards the end of the meal, our host (whose name I have unfortunately forgotten…gotta write these things down!) introduced herself, provided an overview of the evening’s event and then proceeded to introduce the two expert “gemologists” that Disney had brought to describe the Diamond Celebration.  The next twenty minutes were classic Disney marketing with our two “scientists” talking about the four C’s of the Diamond Celebration: Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat as well as two additional C’s: Character and Celebration.  Songs were sung, inner children were let out to play and an appearance was made by my favorite first couple.

The snarky cynic in me was fairly appalled when our nerdy scientist first broke into song but like many things Disney, it grows on you and in the end, I had to admit I had a good time.  The information that was presented is basically the same as available from recent press releases but I did particularly enjoy the short video interviews of Imagineers that were integrated into the show.

CruisingCo Agents Meet The First Couple

CruisingCo Agents Meet The First Couple

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to record the event but we were provided with this memento of our evening.

This morning, I just happened to run across this Disney Insider blogpost that provides MUCH more detail about the nighttime spectaculars (which include transforming Matterhorn Mountain into the fiery peak of Mt. Wannahockaloogie from Finding Nemo…this I gotta see!).

I haven’t figured out yet when my next trip will be (but it will certainly be during the Diamond Celebration).  Let me know if I can help you plan your next trip to The Happiest Place on Earth!  The Diamond Celebration won’t last forever and you only turn 60 once!


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