Disneyland Update – Spring 2015

Once or twice a year, Delena Bixler (the Disney marketing rep for Washington and Alaska) sponsors a Disney update for Puget Sound area travel agents.  Last night’s update was great!!  Most of the evening was spent describing the upcoming activities at the Disneyland Resort (which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year with a series of special activities collectively called the Diamond Celebration).  Delena left us with two messages:

  • Frozen is taking over the parks with special activities running through the middle of May (so now is a great time to go)
  • the Disneyland Diamond Celebration (beginning Mar 22nd) will be pretty fantastic with a new fireworks show, a new nighttime parade and an all-new World of Color show

Frozen at Disneyland

“We have never seen anything as popular as Frozen. If you don’t head right to Anna & Elsa when the park opens, you’ll be waiting two to three hours to meet the Frozen princesses.”

This Mommy Nearest post provides some great pictures of the new Frozen additions to the Disneyland theme parks.  Elsa and Anna have been moved to the Animation Academy in California Adventure and a new series of activities have been developed around the Hollywood Boulevard area of the park.  But I have to say the thing I was most impressed with is Olaf’s Snow Fest which includes an snow play area with real snow:

How do the Disney imagineers do this in southern California?  Just be warned that many of the festivities will only run through the middle of May.  If you want to participate in everything Frozen, get to the parks soon!!

Disneyland Diamond Celebration

This Disney Parks Blog post provides an overview of the new activities that will be making their premier this year.  I am looking forward to all of them but especially to the new nighttime parade.  It’s been too long since The Main Street Electrical Parade last went through Disneyland and  Spectromagic  is my favorite Disney parade of all time.

Contact Steve at steves @ cruisingco.com to find out more about how you can see the Diamond Celebration!

P.S.  I almost forgot to mention that one of the other reasons, I enjoy these Disney updates is the inevitable drawing there is for Disney swag.  One of my colleagues at MouseEarVacations (Diane Stern) won the most wonderful Diamond Celebration throw.


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